Who we are

CREWS.TV was established in 1999 as a peer referral group of freelancers based in New Zealand.  The concept was to separate the players from the posers in a competing freelance market.  As a group we fostered new talent, navigated through the technology changes and shared resources with knowledge.

It quickly grew to have members in Australia, Singapore the UK and the US.

In recent times the CREW has remained dormant, operating more in a real life capacity but is set to find a resurgence in the on-line digital world.

Today, the group still operates informally with members in all technical and production roles.

The Next phase will prove to be interesting as we look at opening up this once closed network to one that is inclusive across all aspects of visual crafts and media platforms.

Our mandate remains the same.  Anyone can join, Members must be working professionals with a referral from a full member.  Full Members must have 10 years experience and pass peer referral scrutiny.  All members must adhere to industry norms in their respective country of residence and follow the tenets laid out since 1999.

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